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Social Media users are the largest growing segment of the internet, with Facebook being the second most viewed website in the world. Camp DVDs and Marketing works with Camps to effectively market their social media efforts by vastly improving both the appearance and content of their social networking sites. We consult with your marketing department about best practices for blogging, posting, and sharing to get a positive word of mouth about your camp to spread virally.

We make the most out of traffic to and from social media by tracking visitors and boosting sales. Social Media Marketing, specifically on Facebook can be challenging to keep up to date with. You can NOT afford to miss out on the opportunities to draw in new campers and keep your existing ones by interacting with them year round.

As a social media marketing and consulting firm, we can develop, build, manage, maintain and promote social media campaigns to create a strong online and offline presence. As a result, you have the ability to reach existing customers as well as new potential customers in ways never dreamed of before. We know what it takes to create an effective social media, online, and mobile buzz. As your social media experts and consultants, we'll help you determine who you should be targeting and how to maximize that traffic and social media conversions to customers.

Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogging, YouTube Marketing, Google, Mobile Marketing are all components of a successful marketing program.

For a detailed list of the social media packages, please see the chart below.

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