Pinterest Marketing for Camps by the Numbers

  • 80% of the users are Women
  • 50% of the users have Kids
  • 41% of the users are between the ages of 34-55
  • 400% Growth Every Month
  • 10.4 Million users
  • Most users are located in the Midwest
  • Ranked #3 for Social Media Sites with 104 million hits/week
  • Hobbies and Leisure is the 3rd most popular topic on the site

As more businesses are adding Pinterest to their existing social media marketing mix, the data is starting to add up and we are getting a better understanding of how the site can work for different types of businesses. Brand exposure, link building, and link sharing are some of the key benefits to creating a Pinterest account. The first three statistics should jump out at camp owners and directors, as these are some prime demographic traits of who you should be marketing to.

Despite the numbers, questions remain within the industry as to whether or not this the right place for camps to spend some of their time and marketing budget. Pinterest seems to work best in a retail setting, but with a little creativity and ingenuity, camps can make use of this online scrapbook to build links and brand recognition. While there is no shortage of places to add content on the web, placing that content in a location where your target demographics spend time should be a top priority.

For now, one of the main differences between Pinterest and Facebook/Twitter, is that it is less of a popularity contest in terms of whose content is the most viewable. Every piece of content has equal availability to be viewed by the same amount of users, regardless of how many followers and re-pins you have. This stands out in stark contrast to Facebook’s Edge Ranking, which varies the availability to view a company’s post based off of how many followers they have.

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