Text Message Marketing for Camps

The Text Message recently turned 20 years old, which gives many of us yet another reason to feel old! :) While some people have moved on from using texting as their primary form of communication, like Facebook, it is going to be around for years to come. Texting has stood the test of time due to it's convenience, and availability on almost all cell phones. It also provides a more secure network than social media for important messages that are not intended for the masses

The main benefit to sending out text messages for important notices to your camp families is that they still have a very high chance of being seen. If you rely mostly on Facebook and Twitter to get your message out, then you are giving up quite a bit of control over who (and who doesn't) see your message. Email has stood the test of time as well, but offers it's own limitations in terms of viewership.

After 20 years, some argue that the text message has not evolved enough to keep up with the standards of today's communication. Services like iMessage, BBM, WhatsApp, Skype, and iChat have provided consumers with easy alternatives and in some cases more features. However, if your camp has considered using text messaging to stay in touch, it is now more affordable that ever with the availability of rented short codes.

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