Portray the Spirit of Your Camp with the Right Promo Video

Promo Videos for Camps

 It is now more important than ever to have a quality video that portrays the spirit and essence of your camp. There is a limited window of opportunity to capture peoples' attention, and The Camp Marketing Pros will maximize the time that you have with your audience. Whether you are running a traditional summer camp, sports camp, or a specialty camp, we are able to amplify the qualities that sets you apart from the others.

Here are a few stats that may alarm you (or not surprise you at all):

  • The average attention span in 2000 = 12 seconds
  • The average attention span in 2012 = 8 seconds
  • The average attention span of a goldfish = 9 seconds
  • The average length watched of a single internet video = 2.7 minutes

Choose the company that has worked closesly with the camp industry for the past 15 years - Camp Marketing Pros!

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