Camp Marketing Tips for 2013

Regardless of your budget, marketing to new families is an ongoing process for all camps. We thought we'd take a minute to focus on some creative camp marketing ideas to help improve your marketing campaigns.

Make it your priority to collect email addresses.

  • Make sure you include a space for email address on all forms being sent to parents (registration forms, permission slips, surveys).
  • Also, make sure to include a space to update an email address
  • Entice parents to sign up by offering special perks, such as emailed group photos from camp, or special contests!
  • Once you have these email addresses, be sure to use them! Send out quarterly or monthly newsletters with updates, event announcements, and other informative content.

Work with local school systems.
When kids aren't at summer camp, you can find them in school!

  • Discuss the possibility of distributing flyers and brochures in the local schools.
  • Offer schools the option to host their field days, or other recreational field trips at your camp facility! You'll then have the opportunity to collect email addresses on waiver forms, and introduce kids to your camp! They'll go home and tell their parents how great it was!!!
  • Open the communication with local schools and after school programs, you never know what opportunities may arise!

Think outside the box. What else can your facilities be used for?

  • How about hosting birthday parties at camp. This can not only help generate revenue in the off season, but also introduce new kids and families to your facilities! Another great way to collect those email addresses!
  • Get creative, you can open the facilities up for family reunions, picnics, special family fun days, holiday specific events...the possibilities are endless!

Camp Website

  • Make sure your website is clean, and easy to navigate.
  • Smartphone use is on the rise, make sure your website is mobile ready!
  • Make sure to stay up to date! Get on top of adding next years info as soon as the current camp season comes to an end.
  • Create the opportunity to register for camp, and request info online!
  • Include additional interactive content that entices people to use your site. Use blogs to post fun facts, activity ideas, recipe ideas, etc. Create contests, puzzles, camp coloring book pages, photo galleries, surveys, or even camper of the week spotlights!
  • Make sure to integrate Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Make sure your website is optimized for search engines to ensure it is showing up on Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

You may get done reading this blog and think, "that sounds like a lot of work"...and it is! But, if you made it through this blog post, it means you care about the success of your camp, and at Camp Marketing Pros we do too! With over 15 years experience working with camps, we know what works and what doesn't work! Call us today  (914-788-1555) for a consultation and see how we can help take your Internet marketing campaign to the next level in 2013!