Rescue Your Camp's Google Ratings!

In April of this year Google enforced a new policy that pushed non mobile friendly websites out of their rankings system.  As google users and internet users in general are more and more on mobile devices such as tablets and phones, Google knew that it's search ranking system would have to be adjusted to meet the expectations of this growing market.  By the way, there is no signs of anything but continued growth in the ratio of mobile device searches to standard computer searches.  Besides the idea of losing your google ranking, any business owner should be concerned their business is being overlooked in general if their website can not be accessed by a smart phone.  A buyer and mobile device user out on the go, is not going to find a library or head back home to look up a business if they are carrying a internet accessible device in their pocket. 

It is always a problem if your business is over looked.  Your business does not have a chance to survive and grow if know one can find it or when they run a search they find your competition first.  Here is a link to an article by Greg Sterling outlining the "#MobileGeddon" non-mobile website google rankings drop.


Today you should be worried about two things

1) Is my camp's website mobile friendly? 

2) How am I going to get my camp's website mobile so I do not lose my google ranking? 

The first question can be answered right here with just one click. Find the google mobile test tool HERE.    

For the second question,  Camp Marketing Pros is currently offering $1000 credit towards your new camp marketing pros mobile friendly website.  Give them a Call and they can work on saving your google ranking TODAY! 914.788.1555