Shooting and Editing Your Video in HD

High definition is relatively new to the Camp world, so it's still somewhat rare to find a company who knows the process of shooting and editing successfully through the production process. CampDVD has spent the last year immersed in learning the HD filmmaking process which is much more than just buying a HD camera and shooting. While acknowledging important distinctions between working in film and HD, CampDVDs notes that in our experience the differences are often overstated, less significant to the overall process than they are sometimes made out to be.

If you want your Camp to be shot and edited using the best in class and have the highest quality then HD should be on your radar this summer.

  • Pictures look sharper
  • Videos look crisper
  • Graphics look stronger
  • The Camp looks better

What is HD?

High-definition video or HD video refers to any video system of higher resolution than standard-definition (SD) video, and most commonly involves display resolutions of 1,280×720 pixels (720p) or 1,920×1,080 pixels (1080i/1080p). What this means is that your videos will look better on DVD, Mobile Phones, Tablets, YouTube, FaceBook and more.

High-definition image sources include terrestrial broadcast, direct broadcast satellite, digital cable, high definition disc (BD), internet downloads and the latest generation of video game consoles.

  • Most computers are capable of HD or higher resolutions over VGA, DVI, and/or HDMI.
  • The optical disc standard Blu-ray Disc can provide enough digital storage to store hours of HD video content. DVDs look best on screens that are smaller than 36 inches (91 cm), so they are not always up to the challenge of today's high-definition (HD) sets. Storing and playing HD movies requires a disc that holds more information, like a Blu-ray Disc.

To speak with us about shooting in HD this summer please call Dean at 914-788-1555 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.