Social Media Marketing

While it's free and relatively easy to set up a basic Facebook or Twitter account, how do you get those strategies to work for your camp to attract more campers? How do you get the look and feel of your Blog, Facebook, YouTube, and other Social Networking programs to complement your other marketing strategies? Our team of Certified Facebook App Developers, Bloggers, and Graphic Designers will not only create the most professional looking Social Media Profiles on the web, but make sure that the content will draw in and keep new fans.

Do you know how to optimize your Social Media Programs for a greater visability on the web? Everything that we do is geared towards increasing your Search Engine Optimization, while providing you with fun and interactive ways to keep in touch with your clients.

The power and influence of Social Media avenues such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Blogs, and LinkedIn cannot be ignored. Word of Mouth Advertising is probably still one of your most effective ways to attract new campers. After all, if one person had a great time at your camp and tells their 10 friends about it, then you just picked up 10 potential new customers. Now imagine them telling their 900 friends on Facebook, and posting their pictures and videos of their favorite camp.

Our social media department works hand in hand with your camp to show you how to ensure that your messages are working for you. Think of us as your virtual CMO, without paying the six-figure salary and benefits. We can give you pointers on how to maximize your social networking activities if your camp has the "do it yourself" philosophy, or we can run everything from start to finish.

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